A visualization approach from the inequality and individual economic prosperity perspective.

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  2. Gonzalo Castro-Reply
    25 April, 2019 at 1:48 am

    I don’t agree. Obviously the worst president of Colombia and most corrupt is Manuel Santos. During his tenure, with the help of the Minister of Finance, Mauricio Cardenas, he triple the national debt in 8 years; Mr. Mauricio Cardenas is, without any doubt, a criminal since he stole a large wealth of Colombia creating a deep financial crisis to the poor. Also, Mr. Manuel Santos was involved in a criminal scandal that has cost the life of great Colombian people, and that is Odebrecht bribe scandal. So much corruption during Mr. Manuel Santos that it would take a book to write. Another criminal president of Colombia is Mr. Cesar Gaviria but not as bad a Mr. Manuel Santos

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